Corpora online

Posted on 18 giugno 2009


Per chi si diverte a ‘ravanare’ tra i corpora di parole e ad elaborare complicate analisi statistiche dei testi…

In inglese:

The Vienna-Oxford International Corpus of English (VOICE) is a corpus of transcripts of 151 audio-recordings of naturally-occurring, face-to-face interactions among 753 speakers of different first language backgrounds using English as a lingua franca. Impressive! And available free of charge for non-profit research purposes.

And a word about the people involved: the project director is Barbara Seidlhofer, and her team: Angelika Breiteneder, Theresa Klimpfinger, Stefan Majewski and Marie-Luise Pitzl.

In tedesco:

Just a quick link to those interested in learner corpora. Falco focuses on the acquisition of German. It’s just a pity I can’t speak German.  However, two articles are available in English from the site:

Anke Lüdeling, Maik Walter, Emil Kroymann & Peter Adolphs (2005): Multi-level error annotation in learner corpora. In: Proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2005, Birmingham.

Hagen Hirschmann, Seanna Doolittle & Anke Lüdeling (2007) Syntactic Annotation of Non-Canonical Linguistics Structures. Proceedings of Corpus Linguistics 2007, Birmingham (online-Veröffentlichung).